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I shared a song link with my friend; now he is controlling my Spotify desktop

I shared a song link with my friend; now he is controlling my Spotify desktop

I shared a song link with my friend. He's now able to control all my music on my PC from his Surface laptop running windows 10, although he can't hear it. He can pause, play, change the current song, and . It's kind of funny but also a little freaky.

 attached is a screenshot he sent me of his desktop client.







Windows surface book 2

Operating System

windows 10



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Hey @cineno, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Sharing song/playlists with others is totally safe. No one can get into your account just by that 🙂

Check out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take and kick anyone out of it 🙂

Don't forget to check this FAQ on how to protect your account for future reference,


I wish that were the case, but my friend literally was DJing my laptop from
10 miles away. I'm not kidding. We were talking about the songs he was
putting onto my queue, from his machine that I had never logged onto.

He actually was able to login to my Facebook account too from a "login
through facebook" button; he sent me screenshots. Again, i have never
logged into my accounts on his machine.

I think it may have something to do with the fact that I sent him this link
over Microsoft teams.

Hey @cineno,


As I mentioned earlier sharing links won't share your private information and reveal your credentials to anyone else who has access to it.

Just follow the steps from my previous post and you should be fine.


Have a nice day 🙂

LorenXK, I appreciate your help.


I'm looking for a response from an actual Spotify representative, however, because despite your claims that it's not possible to share credentials via a link - and I thought so too - my friend was able to play music on my laptop. It unequivocally occurred in the way I described it and linking an FAQ won't change that. 


My concern is not that my account is not secure - I'm not scared someone's going to hack into my account, I'm not going to change my password. I'm looking for answers from the product team.


I work in tech and I know that shouldn't be possible, haha.

Hey @cineno,


I work with tech too so I know how things work 🙂

Sharing links has 0 risk of revealing your account credentials.

You won't tell me all the detalis so I can't assume it was the link that did that.

I will bring you a Spotify representative to explain more about the links and that they are totally safe to be shared, otherwise it wouldn't be a Spotify feature, right.

Just be safe out there and maybe your friend is better than you might think he is so don't trust him too much 😉


Have a nice day 🙂

Hey @cineno, hope you're doing well 🙂


You can rest assured that you won't be hacked by sharing a link. Your account might get compromised if your password is weak though.


If you suspect someone's logged into your account, we highly suggest you follow the steps listed here.


Hope that helps clear everything up.

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