IT blacklisted Spotify Desktop for Security Reasons

IT blacklisted Spotify Desktop for Security Reasons


So, I work for this big Software Development company and last week I received a notice email where they asked me to remove blacklisted apps from my mac, it turns out that the app in question was Spotify and according to the company forums, all Desktop apps from Spotify are basically banned from any corporate device, here is the explanation for the ban:
"IT Security sees a risk of using the Spotify Desktop client on corporate equipment due to his vulnerability record and his highly probability of being compromised."

So I want to ask what kind of vulnerabilites are they talking about. Take in count that the IT Security team was reviewing the Desktop app since last year because it was flagged by the company servers. Are you guys collecting information that you aren't supposed to collect?

They did allow the usage of the web player, but most of us doesn't want to use it since it's BAD, like really bad (sound quality is bad, too laggy, a mess, can't sort my playlist, and the list goes).

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