If I link my songs through the "local files" feature, does that mean I can now delete those files?

If I link my songs through the "local files" feature, does that mean I can now delete those files?







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Hi, I recently found around 15gb of old music on my computer, so I used the "local files" feature to import the songs. Can someone explain how that feature works?


Did Spotify merely get linked to my old song files, so that when I play those songs on Spotify, they're playing those songs from my computer files?


Or did Spotify actually import those files into my account/profile/playlist for me to listen to? Meaning, there's now "two copies" of the music files, one in my computer and one in my account/profile.


Or did Spotify "scan" my songs, find the corresponding songs from their own database, then add them to my profile/playlists?


Reason why I'm asking is because I want to know, after linking the songs through the "local files," if I can now delete those files on my computer? Trying to clear up some hard drive space. 


Or if there's an easier way to import my song files to Spotify so that I can finally delete those files, please let me know. 


Thank you very much!

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Hey @kobemvp11 


Spotify creates a little database of links to the songs on your hard drive, like other media players do. It does not create copies of it or upload anything to Spotify servers.

If you delete the files, these tracks become either greyed out in Spotify, or disappear completely.


If you don't want to lose the files, I suggest getting a USB drive or external hdd for file storing purposes. 🙂


Have a lovely day!

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