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Increase maximum songs allowed in "Your Music"

Increase maximum songs allowed in "Your Music"

                             Working prototype for 75,901 tracks


Figure 1 shows the MasterConsole



Surely this Working prototype could be implemented in the current Spotify player-- But apparently, Spotify opposes the business model of letting paying customers hear the music that they want to hear.

                              Only One Idea--
          I want to hear the music that I want to hear


My friends showed me how to do this in Spotify, and they asked me to document this Working prototype for 75,901 tracks in a general way so that we all could move this solution to any other streaming platform if the necessary Spotify server functionality disappears-- There have been increasing senseless "Warning alerts" coming from the Spotify servers-- So we have to be prepared.


In the MasterConsole of Figure 1 above, Ctrl-A highlights all tracks or a selected subset, such as from Ctrl-F with [Selection criteria]. Then RightClick gives alternative processing options

* DeDuplicate by Artist_SongTitle to fix Spotify's defective DuplicateReplay resulting from the same performance given many UniqueIds in many different albums in the Spotify database-- Working prototype of this DeDuplication functionality appears at >> this link. <<

* TrulyShuffle so that there will be Zero unrequested repeats until each and every track in "YourMusic" has played-- Working prototype demonstrated at >> this link. <<


* Provide Off-line play with Zero unrequested repeats across all devices and mobiles-- You can create a Working prototype of this by simply Cutting NN tracks from the top of the remaining DeDuplicated_TrulyShuffled tracks from above to SpotifyPlaylists-- where you name a dedicated SpotifyPlaylist for each individual device or mobile-- then make the dedicated SpotifyPlaylist "Available Off-line" on the corresponding device-- then occasionally on your MasterProgramming computer delete all of the tracks "above" the track currently playing on your RemoteDevice-- Never use "Spotify Connect"-- Never use "Spotify Shuffle"-- Or else you will let Spotify corporate push onto your device the Music that you do Not want to hear again-- You can Cut new tracks to the bottom of each dedicated SpotifyPlaylist on your MasterProgramming computer, and then when you connect on your device, the new tracks will synch to your device for Off-line play, as you wish.

* Provide new music that you want to hear-- Spotify has disabled the BellNotification functionality-- And hence, we do not have a possibility yet for you to hear the New music that you want to hear-- Currently, you have to sort through and discard all of the dumbAdvertisements that Spotify corporate forces into your play queue.


May the Force continue with us in all that we endeavor . . . .


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