Is it too much to ask to not have sexually graphic art displayed?


Is it too much to ask to not have sexually graphic art displayed?



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The album art for "I Need to Smoke" by Young Gil is showing up in my desktop application home screen for some reason. This art features a clearly naked woman, straddling a clearly naked man, while actively performing an act of full pentatrative **bleep**. This is unacceptably explicit.


I previously reported this to Spotify staff who completely ignored the report and took no action.


What will it take to get rid of this obscene album art and prevent such things from appearing again in the future?

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Re: Is it too much to ask to not have sexually graphic art displayed?

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Hi there @ldsskier,

thanks for reaching out to the community about this !


Spotify's explicit content tags are applied based on information received from rights-holders.

Please bear in mind that Spotify can’t guarantee all explicit content is marked as such as it's received content and not created one.


However, what's written above refers to lyrical content only.

Meaning that tapping the selection of explicit content does not prevent from album covers to appear.


As this is an issue that was raised before, i was able to find an active suggestion/idea posted by one of the community users - make sure to add your +VOTE to help promoting it here.

I would also suggest subscribing to the thread in order to get updated on any changes made.


If you're having any doubts on how this feedback reaches the right Spotify factors, you're more than welcome to read all about it in this Spotify Answer.


I hope this clarifies things a bit better.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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