Is someone else using my account??


Is someone else using my account??

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Just now recently, I logged into my spotify account and noticed that there was an unusual amout of playlists that "I had saved", but problem is, I was never the one that saved them. Skeptical, I quickly revoved them from my profile. I kinda regret it now because I don't have any proof that it happened. I continued to my artists that I follow and started listening to one of their albums, and the most unusual thing happened. A song started playing randomly when was listening to the album. No warning whatsoever, it just kinda started playing. And the stranger part is, it's some rap music that I have never listened to. Suprised, I quickly paused the song. It was so weird and kinda just returned to my album. In the middle of one of my favorite songs, it happened again. I was like, "oh sh*t. Someone hacked me." But alas, I went to my account on the online website and clicked the button that signed my out everywhere. I logged back in and the same thing happened! It just keeps on doing it. I haven't got any other devices connected... Thoughts anyone?

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Yeah, on that note i also have a "nice" story:

Im from Finland, i dont travel, i only use my computer and ps4. Sometimes my wifes phone. I have not signed in, in any other devices with my account, neither have my wife. Suddenly, some random song started to play. Hmm, also some random songs were added to my Liked songs list. Hmm. On top of that, what ticked me off the most, those songs were utterly rubbish. Sorry mister hacker, but i cant have songs like that on my Recently played list. So, i log out from all devices and changed the password and it would seem the problem is solved. But what i wanna know: why did that happen in the first place? How did someone from the other side of the world get my account info? And please, dont answer the basic copy and paste stuff:"Sorry to hear about that, If you feel someone stil might have access to your account I strongly suggest checking out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take. 

Hace a great day" I want some humane answer, even "Sucks to be you" would be better. Would spotify acknowledge that there might be some breaches? Is that a possibility? Or do you wipe your hands from the issue, "you must have left that info lying around somewhere." Oh, also, i dont have any social media sites, facebook or instagram or anything. If that helps. So my info must have been somewhere, for someone to see, and in that place they knew that it is to Spotify. This happened (i noticed it) this week. And also the hacker played songs mostly from jegga81's playlists. Also he started to follow, with my account, same people that jegga81 already followed. Sooo, i would assume something, but you can be the judge.