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Lagging sound with latest update (1.0.16)

Lagging sound with latest update (1.0.16)

I updated Spotify today and suddenly the sound is lagging now and then. I first thought it was when I scrolled down a webpage that the sound just froze for a sec (sounds like vvvrrrrrrrr) but then I realized it happens even without me doing anything. It's unusuable right now!


The previous version was great!


Dell E7440 laptop

Windows 10 64 bit

Premium user

Tried hardware Acc. both on and off.

Tried High qual. streaming on and off.


3 Replies

same problem

I just started having this problem for the first time, after I bought a brand new laptop, a brand new dell. A12 amd cpu, 1 Ter HD, 8 G Ram.


Is there a sure way to fix this?? A download or driver perhaps?  It happens about 6 times an hour, and it's loud (bbbbbbwwwwwwrrrrrrr)  Sorta like the sound they make in The Matrix when dialing in.

This is happening to me as well! It's so frustrating and irritating. I'm not sure what can be done, I'm on a Samsung. The old version worked very well for me too! I looked here to see if anyone else was having the same problem. My problem is that it just lags multiple times throughout a single song, like it's having trouble loading or something (eventhough that can't be the issue). Sometimes opening up the app and leaving it on the screen while the song plays helps, but once the screen goes dark and the phone locks it goes back to lagging. 

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