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Laptop and iPhone no longer detect each other despite being on the same WiFi

Laptop and iPhone no longer detect each other despite being on the same WiFi




United States


iPhone X and Razer Blade 15

Operating System

iOS 15.5, Windows 10


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Some context: I opened my Discord on my laptop and found that my usual activity status of "Listening to Spotify" was not appearing as I was playing music on my Spotify PC app. Weirdly enough it would only appear on my laptop that I was listening to anything if I played Spotify on my iOS app. Tried the usual of fixing any untoggled settings on Discord but found there were more problems that were not Discord related but with the Spotify app itself. 

I'm not sure what happened since both of my devices are up to date, on the same WiFi, and Bluetooth is on for both and they had been paired flawlessly for months before (meaning they could detect each other and I could interchange between what device I'm listening on). Usually my laptop will detect my iPhone if they're both happened to have the Spotify app open at the same time, or vice versa.

I updated the Spotify apps on both devices recently and un/re-installed them on both devices multiple times to no avail. My devices are not able to detect one another now and I'm not sure what else to do since I've restarted my PC and iPhone multiple times to no avail. The accounts are linked the same, it's just so odd. 

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This seems to be the case with other apps to like discord and not working. Probably the new update

I am also having problems with syncing. My desktop app is not syncing with either discord,, the mobile app or the web app. Weirdly enough, if i play a song from the mobile app, it uploads my whole cache from the desktop app to The mobile app and web app are syncing with each other so it's not a connection issue, it has to be the desktop app (windows) that is acting up.

I've tried reinstalling, going in and out of offline mode, logging in and out... Nothing works.

Same here, only happened after completing a windows update yesterday. Tried clean installs on phone and PC, disabling firewall completely, checking firewall rules, uninstalling my VPN completely, DNS /flush, Ip /release /renew, router on and off. Nothing. Think we need some help here.

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Could you check if the issue persists with a different internet connection, e.g. a hot spot from your phone? If you're using a VPN, turn it off.


Are you using the Microsoft Store version of the app or the one downloaded from the Spotify site? Try switching between the two.


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I've had the same issue as this post; tried the Microsoft Store version and the app downloaded from the site. It still has the same issue. I've also made sure my desktop and iPhone are connected to the same internet connection. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app on both devices, nothing seemed to work. This issue started after I recently updated my Spotify on desktop.

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