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Like/dislike buttons on Release Radar/Discover Weekly have disappeared (again)

Like/dislike buttons on Release Radar/Discover Weekly have disappeared (again)







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Windows 10


The like and dislike buttons on my Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists have disappeared (again). This first occurred in late 2019 ( and, while the issue was never resolved by customer service, the buttons did randomly reappear after awhile.


Now they're gone again.


Since the previous thread has been "resolved," I can't comment there. But I wanted to make sure there was a record somewhere of the issue coming back.


Please note, this is NOT a request for a new feature. This is a feature that ALREADY EXISTS and now has disappeared. (Apparently there was some confusion about this in the original thread.) Please also note that this is an issue with DESKTOP ONLY. Android (Samsung Galaxy 9s) seems to be fine (for now).


Restarting/reinstalling doesn't help.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas for dealing with it other than waiting for the next Spotify update?



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I have this problem too on my iPhone XR. Only like button is stable, but the dislike button is sometimes present, sometimes not...

We need the dislike button back on iOS!!!

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