Liked Songs will occasionally appear unliked on artist page


Liked Songs will occasionally appear unliked on artist page

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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260

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Windows 10


My Question or Issue

This has actually been going on for while I just never thought to report it. occasionally when I go to the page of an artist that I have liked songs from, the songs I have already liked will show up as not liked under the artist page. I have made sure that it was the same exact album and song.


Also, the song will appear liked when you navitate to the album by right clicking on the song in your liked songs playlist. however, it will not appear liked when you navigate to it by right clicking the song on the artist page.


I havn't found the exact process to duplicate it as it doesn't happen with all old liked songs. But it seems to occur with artist I've added songs from a long time ago. my guess is that it has something to the way spotify has changed the way liked songs have worked over the years and that when the process changes, the songs appear unstarred, unliked, etc. on the artist page.


I've included 4 captures do visualize this.


This particular song was added 2012-12-10 so it's been a really long time.

album page from artist page.JPG
album page from liked songs.JPG
artist page.JPG