Listening to my entire library.


Re: Listening to my entire library.


Idea 1. On the desktop - Create a playlist for all songs and drag/drop all of your saved albums to it. It will add all songs from the album at once and from there you can shuffle the whole playlist.


Was it not this the whole idea behind having a "Songs" folder? Why should I manually replicate funcionality that has been removed and was already there?


I have been on Spotify for years, and I had already a system in place. You cannot change something so fundamental after so long.


I would have created a playlist from the beginning if the "Songs" folder would have not existed... but now, I have hundreds of albums, I cannot spend 2 or 3 days dragging icons around because you remove something as fundamental.


Why not have "Playlists" "Artists" "Albums" and "Songs"?? I cannot understand the need to remove it.


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