Local Files Doesn't Load From New Locations I Set


Local Files Doesn't Load From New Locations I Set


Every since I started trying Spotify I've had many problems. First, when I go to preferences and I add a storage location to add music from, Spotify never loads the music to the Local Files section. Every single time I try to add music, I first have to load the folder location, then go to Local Files. Then I have to navigate to the folder location in Windows. Then I have to delete the music files, and recopy them into the folder in order for Spotify to show the music in the folder. I've tried adding the folder location then restarting Spotify and it still doesn't work. I've tried adding the music right before I add the storage location and still nothing. It only works if I copy the music to the folder, after adding the folder to Spotify. 

Then there is the issue with playing my music over a connected device. I understand that you don't want to stream people's music from their home to their mobile device at work for free. That's a lot of data transferring and could be expensive. The problem I have is I only wanted to play music from my computer to my TV which has my stereo system hooked up, which is in the same room, over the same WIFI. Its extremely frustrating that I can't play my OWN music, on the device that is in the same room! If the receiving device is connected to the same WIFI as the sending device, then shouldn't you be able to go around the typical streaming process and just use the WIFI to send the music to the device, or stream the music directly from the sending device, over the WIFI to the receiving device? Part of the reason I find it so frustrating is because every other music service I've tried allows me to do things like this. Or at least, in every other music service I have never had so many problems playing MY OWN MUSIC. Which leads me to issue number 3. Even once I got all my music added, there are songs which it shows that I CAN play over a connected device, others which it shows that i can't play it over a connected device, but I can play it locally, but then there are songs that it has completely greyed out and I can't play them at all, not even locally. That is just crazy! I can't play my own music! You will be skeptical I'm sure, but none of my music is illegally downloaded so I just can't figure out why it won't play. I double checked to make sure the music was in the correct location and it was. I double checked to make sure the music files could be played in other music players and all of them played fine. Again, I've never had this problem with Google's Play Music or Amazons music services, Itunes, or any other services. I just want to be able to play my own music, if not on any device without having a paid account, I want to at least be able to play on devices connected to the same WIFI without having to have a paid account.

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Re: Local Files Doesn't Load From New Locations I Set


Hey @Dubtonics!


When you add local files to Spotify, we do our best to link them to existing songs in our catalog. This is likely why you can play some songs via Connect.


Just to check, have you followed all the steps over at https://support.spotify.com/article/Listen-to-local-files/?


If so, you might find some useful info here: https://support.spotify.com/using_spotify/troubleshooting/im-having-trouble-with-my-local-files/


Also, what file types are you trying to play? Cuurently, Spotify supports .mp3, .mp4, and .m4p.