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Local Files - Not all of my files appear in Spotify


Local Files - Not all of my files appear in Spotify

Like many, I'm having issues with my local files in Spotify on my Windows laptop.  I have over 30,000 local files that I would like to be able to listen to along with music I stream on Spotify.  I understand that this is a fairly large number of songs, but I have never had such issues with any other music player.  I continue to deal with buggy, glitchy, freezing behavior from Spotify, and while that is all annoying, my big gripe right now is that not all of my local files are appearing in the playlist.  


I keep my playlist sorted by artist name and it cuts off in the middle of artists starting with the letter "P."  In fact, it looks like the playlist stopped loading at exactly 20,000 songs, even though at the top it says that I have 31,xxx songs.  There are no blank slots below the last song, like some people have experienced; it just stops.  All songs are mp3 files.  I've tried a clean reinstall and updating the folder location for local files in "Preferences" to no avail.  Is there a new limit to local files that I'm unaware of?  If not, what can I do to resolve this?

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I did something similar to @hm8

  • Went to Settings
  • Deselected all sources for Local Files
  • Closed and reopened Spotify
  • Reselected desired sources for Local Files

All my files showed up no problem.

They aren't mp3 files, use cloud convert to convert them from whatever they are to mp3 files and they show up. Just did it after reading all of y'alls stuff and it not working.

Thanks for preventing a headache! Or stopping one!

It really has!

I remember back when Spotify had Starred items, in-app messaging, apps/extensions, skins... All gone with poor replacements 😞

For a long time I was using versions from 2013 on my phone and Desktop so I could keep all these features, then they killed their API and a whole bunch of functionality was lost, and I was forced to update (and use the seriously ugly 'new' UI)

it worked thanks

No matter what I do, it still isn't fixing my problem with literally ONE song. I even created it it's own folder, and it still won't show up.

dude this worked thank you

Yeah, it worked. Thanks a lot!

I deselected my Local Files in Spotify > closed Spotify > moved my Music files to another place > re-pasted them back to my Music folder > reopened Spotify > linked my Local Files Music folder > Done! It works again, so glad!

I had saved my local files to 😧 (second drive) and not C:


Once I created a folder and moved them over to C: they were picked up right away once I added the path to local files. 



I was habving the same issue with just one file in an album of 23 tracks. Tried all the above to no avail. Finally went theough the properties line by line comparing it to the other tracks. Everything was the same except for the bit rate. The bitrate on the missing file was only 16kbs, the others were all 128kbs. I converted the missing file to 128kbs, changed all the info back to match the other tracks. Deleted the old file and re-saved the new 128kbs bitrate file in my local files. Reopened spotify and the track was there.


Not sure why this worked but it did. hopefully it will help someone else!

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