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Local files covers are the same for all songs of an album

Local files covers are the same for all songs of an album







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Hi, so I finally finished my "transition" from local library to Spotify. I found 5k songs on Spotify and 1,7k that I didn't, so I have to use those files as local files in the app.


I spent an enormous amount of time and yet at the end there's always a problem : 

I'll pass on the fact that some covers (about 5%) don't show at all since there doesn't seem to have a solution for this bug, but I have one more important :


When multiples tracks share the same album name, the app doesn't care and shows the first album track's cover for ALL of the album tracks, even if those have different covers. (applicable for same album of same artist. If for example two different artists each have made an album of the same name, the bug doesn't show)


What can I do about this ? Thanks


EDIT : When playing these tracks on Android there's no problem, each individual track has its own cover like it's supposed to be. (but when using spotify connect and using my phone as a remote for my pc, the covers disappear from the phone, sometimes all of them sometimes just a few... haha what a mess! But the same problem remains on desktop and the first album track's cover is displayed for all the album tracks)

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Ok so for anyone having the issue I haven't found a way to fix it but here's (somehow) a workaround :

The idea is to have a different album name for each track having the issue. If you don't care just change the name of the album and put for example the title but if you need to have the same album name for multiple tracks you can use blank characters like on this topic for example :
A guy posted 17 DIFFERENT blank characters. Just copy one of each and paste it at the end of the album name field of each track in your tagging software and you have tricked Spotify into thinking these are different album names. And it works! Only limitation : you can only have 17 different track covers in one album (or maybe you can find other distinctive blank characters)

I have this same issue. Album art is correct for all local files when playing on my iPhone, but not when playing the same playlist on the Macbook Air. So it should be something Spotify can fix without asking paying customers to un-install/re-install software and all that usual stuff.

bro i legit wasted so many hours adding each cover for 1000s of different songs and some bs like this always has to so mad i hate spotify so much

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