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Locked out of changing profile picture

Locked out of changing profile picture



I made a new account on spotify today and download the desktop program.


I didn't have a profile picture on so I added one. Just after adding my profile pic the software doesn't allow me to change it anymore.


I had to make this new account since the old one was associated with facebook and wouldn't display my username anymore, just gibberish random numbers.


So assotiating this new account with facebook won't work, reinstalling the software won't work, and logging into whatever account management page on the web won't work either and I ran out of options.


Since facebook is a dying platform it doesn't make any sense for spotify to be so dependant on it anymore, please help.


My account is on a family plan (which I had to cancel my previous subscrition and redo my family invitations).



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Hi @Ecabussu,


Changing your profile picture should be possible with these steps. If it still doesn't work, please let us know at which step you are stuck so we can help you out!


Kind regards

I'm in the desktop app:
Hovering my mouse over my profile picture doesn't show any options.
Right clicking on it only shows a "share" option.

Edit: Left clicking does nothing.

I already reinstalled the Spotify app and that doesn't change my situation.

Also as I mentioned, yesterday I just did the process you mentioned in your link to put a profile picture in the first place. After I managed to put a first profile picture the software doesn't allow me to do it again.


Edit: I also will not connect this account to facebook in order to swap my profile picture.

Have the same issue, and also noticed that it affects resizing the playing song cover. Have two accounts: when I switch to the old one I can change the picture and resize margins. With the new one (brand new) I can't do either thing
Did clean uninstall and reinstalled but no change. 
Please help

Hey there @doktorserdjo,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community. No worries - we're here to help 🙂


If you're having difficulties changing your profile and playlist pictures with the desktop app, you might be on a new desktop experience we're currently testing


Could you send us a screenshot of how the app looks on your end so that we can take a closer look?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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