Loss of Spotify for desktop playback functions


Loss of Spotify for desktop playback functions







Lenovo Laptop + Sonos Speaker

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Windows 10


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I have always used Spotify desktop to listen to new albums and musicals which need to be played in order, but I have lost the ability to turn off shuffle play when connected to my speaker. The shuffle logo is still visible, and the function still shows up in the drop down menu, but they are no longer clickable. I've noticed that I also cannot skip back and cannot see my play queue. I tried to select and play each song in the album in order individually, but after three songs it started to play a randomly selected song instead no matter how many times I clicked the play button. Everything was fine about a month ago, but now my desktop Spotify is behaving like the mobile app. Is there any way to fix this and listen to albums again or have I missed an update and is this just the way that Spotify desktop behaves now?

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Re: Loss of Spotify for desktop playback functions


Hey there @StormTrooper94,


Thanks posting here in the Community! We'll gladly shed some light on the situation.


We hope you don’t mind us replying now as we just stumbled upon this thread. This is expected behavior when your using Sonos speakers this way. With Connect, the app on desktops behaves like on mobile. One workaround would be to use wired speakers with your laptop, if that's an option.


You can also submit an idea on our board, that requests the way this feature works to be changed. This page has detailed instructions on how to do this.


The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what improvements our users would like to see and how many people support a specific idea. You can learn more about it here.


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

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