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Lost all songs in playlist after reinstalling Spotify on Desktop x2

Lost all songs in playlist after reinstalling Spotify on Desktop x2




England / United Kingdom


(iPhone SE)

Operating System:

(Windows 10)


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I had a syncing issue with my Spotify in where the desktop wasn’t matching up to my iPhone when I would add new songs into my already existing playlists. I was told by the Spotify help team to uninstall and reinstall Spotify on the desktop to clear the cache and whatever but in doing so (and I’ve had to do this twice now) I have ended losing entire playlists where the amount of songs originally were over 2,000 have now been reduced to 0! This has started happening since Spotify’s two most recent updates for the application but the people at Spotify in the help / chat section aren’t being of any help. I was told by one that their servers indicated that the playlist had always been empty and never had songs added to it at any point. That was wrong because I playing the playlist earlier that day! I have restored one playlist back to what it originally was but now I have lost another one as I have had to uninstall / reinstall the application and this one has got 395 likes to it so it’s not just me who is losing out here as other people like listening to my playlists. What is going on and why am I losing entire playlists to 0 tracks at random?!?

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