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Malware from Spotify app after new update

Malware from Spotify app after new update



Ever since my Spotify app updated a few days ago, I've noticed that every so often when the app is launched, wether in use or not, I get a notification from my anti-virus software (AVG) that a malware or trojan has been quarantined and is coming from the spotify app. I don't have premium so I wonder if perhaps some ads are infected or the server has been hacked.


As a safety precaution, I have uninstalled the app from my computer as I am worried that a malware may infect it and I have rather important info on my computer that I do not want to lose. 


Thanks for your help 

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Hey @Rycbar82, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!

I've reported this to a Spotify staff member and they'll be monitoring this closely with me. Could you try a few things for me and let me know if you continue seeing notifications from your anti-virus software?


1) Reinstall the Spotify app (you already have it uninstalled, so you can download it again from here) and

2) Ensure AVG is up to date.

Also, could you let me know your operating system? It may help Spotify find the problem on their end if they haven't already.


Again, let me know if you continue to see these notifications! I'll be here 🙂

Hi, Thank you very much. My operating system is Windows 10. I will let you knoww if the notifications do reappear. I have checked my anti-virus software and it is update.


Again thank you.

I am so glad to hear you post this as I have been having the same issue. It isn't often but every now and again I get the same random threat detection from AVG. Malware (trjn) was quarantined ..

Do you also find your Spotify seems to refresh itself too?. Like I would have it on a screen showing the music album I am listening to, then it goes blank and reloads the main page? :/.

Hey @1126192008, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you try out the steps I mentioned above and let me know if you continue seeing these warnings?

Looking forward to your response 🙂

Hello there, just thought I would update you. I ended up uninstalling AVG as I found it was causing me many other issues with my computer  :).

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