Master volume varies wildly when starting/ending calls with Jabber


Master volume varies wildly when starting/ending calls with Jabber


Plan: Free

Country: USA

Operating System: Windows 10


Hi, all! I am having a constant issue with the master volume on my computer changing when starting and ending calls while Spotify is running. When answering a call, the master volume drops to 0, not mute, so I can still hear them, often well enough to complete the call. When the call is ended, the volume jumps up to the opposite end, sometimes to 100. I have worked with my IT team, and they have not found any solutions, The volume will also bounce around when not in a call, if I attempt to adjust the sound level at the master level. For example, if I click somewhere in the bottom third of the range, the volume will set any where from 7 to 32, and clicking again without moving the pointer will jump the volume up to 54 to 78. The issue also occurs with Pandora, so I am fairly sure it is an issue outside of Spotify/Pandora, but it only occurs when those services are running.


At least it is dropping the volume now. For a while it was pushing the volume to 100 when answering a call, which isn't pleasant with headphones...


My searching hasn not found any suggestions so far, so I hope someone here can!