May 2020 update can not add or delete multiple tracks among other features gone

May 2020 update can not add or delete multiple tracks among other features gone







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Starting Monday May 11 2020 and new version appeared in windows 10 desktop app and it is missing the following:

1) can not multiple select tracks to either add to or delete from a playlist

2) if I add a repeated track to a playlist it does not warn me anymore that it is duplicated

3) I can not filter a song in a playlist, the bar on top is gone

4) Can not arrange by artist or song and the new layout is horrible i can not distinguish if it is the artist or the song that i am reading in a playlist



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Hey there @lenxo81


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!


We’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. This means you might see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature to try only temporarily. 


We suggest you check this help article for more info about test features.


Tip: Make sure you don't miss a thing by enabling automatic updates on your device.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

No help at all, robo answers to this same self help chats


I recently got this update too and it is hopeless, the desktop app has regressed removing good features such as:
Being able to search for artists or songs within a playlist
The social feed is gone and I can't see what my friends are listening to
The layout feels more cluttered than before

What were you guys thinking when you designed this??

I'm dealing with the same issue & it's driving me insane. Playlists are essentially unusable now. I have Spotify on phones & tablets, but HATE using them for creating playlists. This is an awful update & I uninstalled & re-installed & the problem is still there. I'm going to cancel my subscription because of how unusable playlists are & how unresponsive Spotify staff is to the fact that they basically gutted a product we're paying for without clarifying & with no option to revert to a system that actually works.


Here we go again with Spotify fixing stuff that isn't broken. I guarantee that, if I get this "update," Spotify will lose me as a customer.  


Also having problems from this post with new update. Additionally, I can't find History tab anywhere. In Queue sections it's just queue and nothing more. Also I can't see now, what tracks I already liked, this occurs in playlists, albums etc.


@lenxo81 - like many others in this forum, including me, your old Spotify desktop app has been replaced with what looks like the "web version" - a de-tuned, featureless version that is complete junk.


The moderators in this forum are worthless.  Customer service chat is worthless.  Emailing the "office" email address for Spotify is worthless.  Don't waste your time.

Since you are in Mexico, consider sending some snail mail to the main office in your country:


Spotify Mexico
Pedregal 24 Torre Virreyes Piso 8
Col. Molino del Rey
DF 11040


It's likely few are going into their offices these days, and what mail arrives might just go into the shredder, but I'm in the US and have sent some correspondence to the New York City address on the Spotify contact web page


For the most part, I think Spotify has hired some very stupid people who hate their paying customers.  I was a perfectly happy Premium customer for more than 6 years until a couple of weeks ago.  It's indefensible that they are forcing their Premium customers to use this new junk app.


I have the same issues. Contacted support and they were zero help. Why would they remove such important features?


If this is in issue for you as it is for many others (including myself) please consider voting for the following idea over @


If this massive downgrade to the desktop client sticks and gets rolled out broadly my days as a paying Spotify customer are over. 


It’s an awful update. Lots of features have been removed. Clearly they are trying to simplifying it but it was fine as it was. Hope they are just trying out new layouts and bring some features back.

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