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Media keys do not work - only in Spotify!

Media keys do not work - only in Spotify!

Spotify should fire their UX designer, period. I am sick and tired of all the UX experiments. On Monday Spotify behaves in one manner, on Tuesday - in another, on Wednesday - one more behavior manner. Every day I start the Spotify I wonder if it will be working the way it was working before, I wonder if I can find my playlists and play buttons where they were before.


So now there is a new "improvement" from Spotify team. They have disabled support of media keys. Now media keys work only when Spotify's window is active. Surprise surprise? Surprise for devs team: media keys work perfectly for Groove or for Windows Media Player (so do not try to blame Google Chrome's extensions). And as a developer myself - I have tested Windows API with a small piece of code - still works. Only the glorious Spotify refuses to react.


Seriosly, guys, your experiments with UI are not funny, sick and tired of them. Stop it. Stop it now. I could not switch to another player while you were the main market players, but situation has changed, we have more players - start caring about your customers.


#angry, #lookingTowardsAlternatives #SpotifyUxTeamSucks

2 Replies

Hey @Green-D, welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Spotify!

However, after a deep dive into this topic it turns out it is an issue with macOS High Sierra that is causing this kind of problem. 

I also have found an app that will work with Spotify as well as others, giving you the possibility to use your Media Keys normally again.

Click this link to get the app!


Have a nice day!

FACEPALM!!!! I am using Windows, not a Mac OS.

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