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Media overlay showing up when turned off

Media overlay showing up when turned off







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Windows 10


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Spotify really needs to get there stuff together, it seems like something breaks with every update they put out. First it was Spotify automatically starting with Windows and now the media overlay that shows up even though it is turned off. A temporary fix for this is to turn it on and off again but you have to that everytime you start your computer so a permanent solution would be nice. 

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Hey @Dubbels,


Spotify is working into that. Please check this post as it has been resolved before regarding the same issue you are having.

If you are feeling lazy to read through that post just download this software 😉


Have a nice day 🙂

Yeah, no thanks. I'm not installing some random github software, I'll wait for an update. But still Spotify needs to do some better testing before releasing updates.

Hey @Dubbels,


Spotify is always testing. They have Beta programs for mobile platforms. While other features aren’t available for the public to test but for a specific group of people.

They should bring an update with the fix really soon.


Have a nice day 🙂

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