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Mixtapes and heart are gone

Mixtapes and heart are gone


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Hey there!

I joined spotify as a free user and tested it out a bit and really liked it! I had some mixtapes ready after adding some of my favourite artists. Also I could check the heart next to song to like a song.


Now after going premium those features are gone somehow. I only have a "+" next to each song to add them to my library. The heart and dislike (the circle with the diagonal bar in it) are also gone. Also I can't find the mixtapes anymore.


I attached a screenshot of the desktop premium spotify. Note the "+" in the lower left corner where a heart should be. Also the "+" in the Queue was a heart in the free version. I already restarted my pc and my phone.

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Hey @panzermuffin1, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are having a great time!

Spotify is undertaking some changes and Songs folder name is now Favorite Songs. Another change is that the + and Follow buttons are changed to a ♥︎.
You will be able to Follow artists and playlists by tapping that heart which will add the to Your library, but don't worry they won't be added to your Favorite Songs yet. When you open a playlist or when exploring an artisits page for songs you can tap ♥︎ again this time to save them in Favorite Songs.
Spotify has made this change to make one universal icon to add something to your library! ♥︎

The changes I mentioned above applies to the free user tier.


Could you tell me more which playlists are missing from your account?

Have you tried to recover them using the steps from the attached image?


Have a nice day!



Hey @LorenXK!

Thank you for your reply! I don't miss any playlists, but I'll keep it in mind.


Those changes to the free user tier, will they also come to the premium tier? I find it much more intuitive this way. Or is there a possibility to somehow change it myself with some setting?


Thank you! 🙂

Hey @panzermuffin1


That's awesome!

Spotify is working in several things right now but I don't have details on that.

We will find that out soon! 


Thanks! 😄

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