Music fades when no sounds are present

Music fades when no sounds are present




I am currently running W10 on PC, and I have a problem where spotify fades out when there are no other sounds present on the PC, which is quiet the opposite from what everyone else is having problem with.


I have checked all settings which include the Windows communication settings and so on, but they are all optimalized and shouldn't affect this.


Hope someone else have experienced this, because it's a pain in the **bleep** having to tell my friend to talk while I am sitting at the desktop just waiting.

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Hey @v0-r13zyu_7ss, welcome to the Community!


Try closing all of your open apps to see if the issue persists when Spotify's the only app open. 


You can also try a clean reinstall to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.


Still having the same problems, restarted my PC fresh, exited all startup applications and only ran Windows and Spotify.

Hey @v0-r13zyu_7ss.


Just to confirm, are you running the Windows store Spotify app or did you download it directly from the Spotify page? I suggest trying with both to see if they behave the same.


You can try turning off Hardware Acceleration under View to test it out. Also, try running Spotify as the Administrator.


Let us know how it goes.

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