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Music is not heard when changing user in Windows 10 Home

Music is not heard when changing user in Windows 10 Home

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(Windows 10 Home)


My question or problem

I have a PC with Windows Home 10 and 3 different users, and before I had a PC with 3 different users but in Windows 7 Home.

What happens is that I log in with a user, I run Spotify, I start listening to the music, all right, I exit the user but I leave the session open, I log in with another user, I open Spotify and the music is not heard, if I click in the "available devices" button in Spotify Connect and I choose "listen on this pc" then it listens, I leave it playing the song, I leave that user, I enter the other and it stops listening again, I have to go again to "available devices" in Spotify Connect and check the "this computer" option again to be heard.

What I want is: When I change the user I want the music to continue playing, keep playing, before in Windows 7 I could do it without problems, but in Windows 10 I can't, the music stops playing until I manually put it to listen in the session I'm in.


Please, can you help me? Thank you!

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