Music not playing ("Can't play the current song." error message)


Music not playing ("Can't play the current song." error message)


About a week or so ago, Spotify has been giving me the error message "Can't play the current song." for some songs. Some songs turned into half of my songs, and it wasn't long before half turned into ALL of my songs getting the same error message. Any song that I try to play will either not play at all, or play for five or so seconds before stopping and getting the error message. Around the same time, I could no longer connect Spotify on my computer to my phone because it had completely stopped showing my phone entirely, and my phone not showing my computer. The pause/play, skip, and re-play keys built into my keyboard that normally worked with Spotify now give no response. I have tried troubleshooting these issues by using Task Manager to forcefully close the app, as well as restarting my computer and un-installing and re-installing the app, none of which worked. Since the time of Spotify not working, neither my computer nor Spotify has updated. For two years I have had none of these issues, and only have I had issues on this computer specifically, for Spotify works completely fine on my phone as well as on my laptop. My computer is a CyberPowerPC that runs Windows 10. If anyone can help, I'd be glad to give more information if necessary. Not having music has been driving me crazy.

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Hi @dudethatsrad!


This is a solution that I have suggested to a few users when they have had similar issues with their Spotify desktop app. If you have not tried it yet, you could give it a go and see if it resolves the problem:


Hope this does the trick,