Music stops plying after a while and doesn't continue until Computer restart


Music stops plying after a while and doesn't continue until Computer restart


Hi there


I have a problem with Spotify on my work computer. 


I have installed Spotify as it should and start listening in the morning. After usually 10-15 minutes of listening It stops and provides a blue bar at the bar saying 'Can't play the current song'. I can then try to start any song, regardless of if it is saved locally, daily mix, or on a radio, Podcasts. The interface shows that it is play ing the songs, but no sound is coming, regardless of what song I am trying to play. 


If I move to the web player the same thing happens, however when I listen to the exact same songs, on the same account on my mobile, tablet, or personal laptop, it works fine. 


From the mobile, I can use the 'Connect to a device' option to play Music on the Computer that just told me it can't play the Music, and that works most of the time. 


I can't imagine there is an issue with our Internet connection as we are using Sonos for the office speakers which is run via a premium Spotify account and that doesn't experience the same problems. Also, others in the office use wifi without a problem. 


I have so far

- reinstalled Spotify multiple times, via the Microsoft t app store and using an .exe file

- Used Spotify in multiple browsers, cleared history cache etc on those browsers


 If anyone has an idea what the issue and if there is something I can do to get Spotify working properly, please let me know. 

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Hey @kaymat90, welcome to our Spotify Community!


Could you let us know that device, operating system, and Spotify version you're using? Also, if possible, we'd recommend logging into a different desktop and let us know if you have the same issue.


Take care 🙂


Hey @kaymat90, us again!


Thanks for that thorough report above. Could you let us know:


  • The device, operating system, and Spotify version for both the desktop and mobile devices?
  • The browsers that you tried the web player on?
  • What ISP you use, and if you’ve tried restarting the router?
  • An exact timestamp for when this started happening?
  • If you’ve tried removing any Offline Devices? (Go here and then to 'Manage your active offline devices')

We'd also recommend giving this article a read, as it'll have some useful info that relates to what you're experiencing. 


Hope this helps! Keep us posted with the requested info if the steps in the article don't improve this.