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Music won't play offline - Spotify Premium

Music won't play offline - Spotify Premium

Hello. I have spotify premium and use Spotify in my smartphone and laptop. In the phone, Spotify works perfectly and I can listen to all the music offline with no problem. But in the laptop it just doesnt happens. When I try to listen to the music offline in my "Songs" tab, the music names shows up all dark and when I click to play it says "cant play current song". As soon as I get online the musics are avalible. I've already excluded the musics from my "Songs" list and downloaded them again but the problem persists... What should I do?

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Hey @loures1987! Welcome to the Community.


Can you try a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your laptop? You can find the steps on how to do so here.


Give it a shot and let us know how it goes 🙂

Hello. I'm also have Spotify Premium and I ran into the same issue. Cannot play songs from the "Songs" tab when offline. There is no slider on the "Songs" view to download all songs either. I'd rather not put all my songs in a playlist and then download that (a solution offered in another post) because there's already a feature on mobile that allows me to play all songs in the "Songs" tab offline. Also, putting all my songs in a playlist is pretty redundant, considering that they're all already in the "Songs" tab.


I followed your suggestion to OP and did a clean reinstall, but that didn't do anything at all. Still no download slider on the "Songs" view.


Would greatly appreciate it if the "available offline" feature for the "Songs" tab is made available for the Windows desktop app, like the one on the Android app. Soon. I came across a two-year-old thread about this and it appears to me that Spotify doesn't care about their customers' suggestions.

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