My Downloaded Playlists and Songs Got Undownloaded!


My Downloaded Playlists and Songs Got Undownloaded!

Casual Listener

I was about to listen to my playlists when I opened my Spotify (Windows) App and noticed that the little green circle, which indicated that they are already downloaded, wasn't showing. Then I went to each and every single playlists to check, and to my shock, all the Download sliders, which I've ticked before, were now unticked. So I thought this was just a mistake, but then I started ticking the Download slider for all the playlists to see if they would load, but no! Everything just started to download again.Sp1.jpg


Then I went to settings to see if my Offline Songs Storage was changed, but it wasn't, I even checked the folder's properties if it was empty, but no! It wasn't empty, it had more than 5GBs in it, so what happened?? I already tried restarting my laptop, but my problem persists. I've also checked my Offline Devices and it only showed my phone and my windows laptop, so why did my songs undownload?? Please help me, redownloading everything is just so wasteful, especially in data! Sp2.jpgSp3.jpg