My playlists are now "Made by Spotify" and therefore I am unable to edit them?

My playlists are now "Made by Spotify" and therefore I am unable to edit them?


So about three months ago I made some playlists on Spotify. Now I have come back to those playlists and attempted to add more songs to them but I am unable to as I no longer own them I just "follow" them and they all say "Made by Spotify". How do I fix this?

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Hi Chepki,


Are you able to share the playlists that you are having problems with? 







I added the playlists a while ago. Do you have any input?


That's weird; never heard of anything like that before.


For a sort of fix I'd just make a new playlist and copy 'n' paste all the tracks over, then add the new ones to that.

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Hey @Chepki


This is indeed a weird issue.
However, I was confirmed those playlists you linked earlier were indeed made by Spotify, and maybe you had some confusion between following and creating a playlist.

Just in case, you can go to your Spotify account page, namely to the Recover Playlists section and see maybe you have accidentally deleted yours.

Playlist ID's are unique, but nothing stops 2 users to have same names for their playlists.


I agree with @gareth8 - you can create these playlists for yourself again by doing what they suggested. 🙂


Let me know if you have more questions!

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