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My songs keep being switched out for music I have never heard of before...

My songs keep being switched out for music I have never heard of before...


Premium user





Happens most frequently on my laptop (browser - not app) and then less so on my phone

Operating System

Windows ten and Android respectively.


My Question or Issue

Music will randomly stop playing and be switched over to songs, artists, genres I am completely unfamiliar with. With that, my volume changes as does whether the song repeats, plays through a list, or is neutral.


Just today, I even found a new playlist in my library created by someone not me (it specifically said that it was created by some other user).

2 Replies

Hello @KoleBerzenji


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

If you see suspicious activity on your Spotify account:

  1. Go to your account page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE
  2. Open the password reset form in a private/incognito window, and choose a strong password you haven't used before.

It's also strongly advised that you change the password for:

  • The email address associated with your Spotify account (e.g. with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).
  • Any Facebook profile associated with your Spotify account. You can make sure you're the only one currently logged into your Facebook in your Facebook Settings, under Security and login > Where You’re Logged In.
  • Any service where you use the same password as Spotify.


Make sure to check this article as well, in order to protect your Spotify account. 

If after following those steps, the issue still persists, you can reach out to Customer Support.
You can find the contact form here.

I hope it helps!

Thanks for the advice!


I'll see if anything changes today.

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