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My username is a bunch of random numbers!


My username is a bunch of random numbers!

Hi. So, I've been a spotify member for six months now and have had no problems until now. I just took a look at my profile and noticed that spotify displays not my name, but 1214123792 as my "username", which I do not like. When I signed up for spotify I connected to my facebook account and continued signing in with my email, just like I would for facebook. This caused my full name to represent my profile; which I'm okay with. Here's the thing that might have caused the problem: I just recently lost interest in facebook and temporarily deactivated my account, but I could still log in to spotify using my facebook information (email and password). I  checked my account settings and what not on the spotify website and saw that I was still connected to facebook. I get that spotify is for listening to music and it shouldn't matter how your profile appears, but it still bugs me. Solution?

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I'm having the problem where my name is displayed as a random string. It's been like this for months now.

I have the exact same issue..

Mines also like previous others. 1215633292

If someone can change it to my Facebook name, that'd be great. I created my account with Facebook years ago.

I don't have a Facebook nor do I plan to create one. So if I understood correctly, I'm not allowed to have a username right? Ok. Doesn't seem good and it doesn't seem fair, but alright, at least the streaming quality is pretty good and there's a wide variety of albums I enjoy.


My username suddenly changed to 214luzhoqrmn3kk2fzzflhu7q (spotify player, etc..) + black profile pic - Even though I can still see my correct name on my artist's page as Miguel d'Oliveira and pics are still there.

I never revoqued fb access. I think this nonsense happended when I chose a pasword (was logging in using fb only before)

Am I m stuck with that random string now?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


This happened to me too, i had my facebook name as my username and my profile pic and now it's just numbers. I can't belive this has no fix Spotify should be doing something

edit: i had to log in here with my facebook and it asked me to add a username and verify my email. the user name on the message is new and i'd rather have my name back as it was before.


hi! I got the same problem. recently deactivated facebook the activated again. i hope to change my username again. please help. Thank you so much!

It sort of fixed it self in my case after logging in and out a bunch of times with my facebook account. But never got an official responses

Hey Peter.

I have the same problem, can you help me out? 


my username is 21lofy4ed66bu4j7lavl66pli



No Working.... Test no no......




i have same problem 

1000of ppl have its something to do with spotify frozen your account i
think can u still enter?


yeah ive had the same problem for a simular amount of time. my username is: 11138694464

I've had this problem before, probably since i've logged on Spotify via another browser. I've just found a solution, or at least it worked for me.
I went to Spotify's website and turned on the processing of personal data in the privacy section (because i had it off).
Then i went to Facebook's settings, in the app and websites section, and removed Spotify's access.
Then i logged out from Spotify (probably it would have been better if i logged out before) and re-logged in with Facebook and now i have my name and profile pic back, along with all my playlists.
Hope it can work for others too.

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