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My username is a bunch of random numbers!


My username is a bunch of random numbers!

Hi. So, I've been a spotify member for six months now and have had no problems until now. I just took a look at my profile and noticed that spotify displays not my name, but 1214123792 as my "username", which I do not like. When I signed up for spotify I connected to my facebook account and continued signing in with my email, just like I would for facebook. This caused my full name to represent my profile; which I'm okay with. Here's the thing that might have caused the problem: I just recently lost interest in facebook and temporarily deactivated my account, but I could still log in to spotify using my facebook information (email and password). I  checked my account settings and what not on the spotify website and saw that I was still connected to facebook. I get that spotify is for listening to music and it shouldn't matter how your profile appears, but it still bugs me. Solution?

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Hi, all of my music has gone and I cant get back to my account with the username: 1145954916

which was connected to my facebook account? can you help??

I've had spotify for a few weeks now and it's connected to my facebook, but all of a sudden, my profile appears as a set of numbers and when my friends try to search for me they only get that set of numbers. I really don't like this- how do I get rid of it? My username is 1256852243

Did you disconnect the Spotify app via the webpage? Or did you block the application?
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Same here, have not changed a thing on my facebook, it still shows the app with the exact option as always, but still only see numbers instead of my name on spotify. This is being happening for almost a week

I'm having this same problem and it has not yet corrected on its own - been a few weeks, maybe more. 


I sign in using facebook and my profile in the app shows up a bunch of random letters and numbers in the top right of the window but when i click on it it shows my full name.... No big deal i'm just wondering why since my facebook account is still activated. 

the same thing happened to me my username is: 21yucfgzkdwpqro4cwqmmqwwq

help me please 🙂

Hi my spotify is doing the same thing! I logged out of facebook and when I logged back into spotify and facebook it's now showing my user name as just letters and numbers. Please help.

my username is 12183163110

 please do this at your earliest concent as i am making a colab playlist with sokme friends

I am having the same problem but my username is random numbers and letters and doesnt show my profile picture. Please help

Hi Peter,


I just created a new spotify account and, during its creation, I have chosen an user name. However, when it was finished, my user name appeared as j3glgl9medcj9ugynk26ed3d2 and I cannot find a way to change it. I have no facebook account and I do not intend to use it. How can I have my name in the user name, please? 
Thank you

Same problem. I've upgraded to Spotify premium, and thought at least I could choose a username. Instead, I'm stuck with a random striong of letters and numbers.

This actually happens whn you signed using the app. To be able to choose your desired username, you need to use your browser in creating an account. 🙂

My Username Is 22wttxmmjj5gppkcq6tmtrpvy For Some Reason Idk Why 😞

My gf and I got a family plan because we live together. After I upgraded my username became, 8gncec82lzr01sxgtuzqzoku9. 


Can you change that to my name or allow me to change it?

I have been working on this issue with Spotify Help and have been told there is very little we can do about it, but if the community does not like it Spotify may change their stance.
I was then directed to submit an "Idea", and told that if it gets enough votes Spotify may adress this issue.
Please look here for more details and to vote for Spotify to stop changing people's usernames to random characters:


Mine is just like this, except there is also a few letters too. I've tried everything, but I still can't change it. Can you help?




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