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My window Spotify app become blanked


My window Spotify app become blanked








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My window Spotify app become blanked which I have posted the image below. I have been downloaded Spotify from here or Window Store but it have the same problem. I have clean/complete deleted the app and redownload it but its the same. Also I've close/open Hardware Acceleration but it still become blank. I also looked for some help but It don't have a solution. I'm now using browser's Spotify but it wouldn't show what song that I'm listening . So I hope I can use back my Spotify app ASAP. Please help me to fix this problem.

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I just tried running in safe mode  but it didn't work.

I also completely disabled my antivirus (bitdefender) and shut down my VPN (Nord).  I usually had the VPN off anyway but disabling the antivirus was a bit more involved.  Unfortunately there was no change.  Still the black screen.


Also, something else I have noticed as I've tried to persevere through this issue is that when I eventually get it running after a reinstall, that it will only play one or two songs before it seems to lose connection and become unresponsive.  It gets to the end of the song and just stops, not advancing to the next.  I then cannot fast forward or do anything really.  Attempting to play another song or look at another playlist just fails completely.  So even my "workaround" isn't working.


EDIT: I left the app open and 25 minuites later it randomly started playing the next song.  So weird!  My internet is fine, I had been doing other things on the net in the meantime like watching videos.


So, to summarize:


I get a black screen when opening spotify exactly like the one in the OP.

Regular and clean reinstall do not fix the issue.  It does let me open the app but only the first time (sometimes a couple more times but certainly not after a restart of the computer).

Closing the app and reopening gives me a popup (The spotify app is not responding), requires CTRL ALT DEL and closing in task manager.

Logging out on the app causes it to freeze.

Safe mode doesn't help, nor does disabling antivirus and VPN.

Tried clearing "hosts" files but the notepad file is blank anyway.

Switching accounts doesn't help.

I can access the accounts from my mobile device.

Even after reinstall, it only plays a song or two before becoming unresponsive.

Hi @masterjskye,


Thanks for all the info, very much appreciated! Since you use a VPN, those are known to cause a multitude of issues with Spotify. So please try the following:

  1. Disable your VPN and exclude Spotify from your antivirus.
  2. Delete all Spotify data with the clean reinstall steps and clear the registry too as described in @Maria_B's post. 
  3. Turn off your PC and wait at least a few minutes
  4. Turn it back on and install Spotify using the download from our site

Hope this helps

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Hi, it didn't work unfortunately.

Hi @masterjskye


Thanks for your reply. 


In this case, we suggest that you head to Settings > toggle on Show Local Files > toggle off all the sources that appear there > toggle off Show Local Files and then restart the app to see if that makes the difference.

Also, could you check if the OS of your PC has any pending updates?


We'll be on the lookout.

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Update:  I tried a few things and it is working properly again!  Unsure what exactly it was that helped, but I'll list what I did here in case it helps someone else:


1:  As Eni suggested I unchecked the local files sources, even though I had that option off as a whole.

2:  I downloaded an optional cumulative windows 10 update.

3: Switched "detect proxy settings" from automatic to Off.

4: I disabled Hardware Acceleration.

5: Downloaded a new spotify update.


Thanks everyone for the assistance!

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