Need to stream to my Onkyo receiver

Need to stream to my Onkyo receiver

For years I used the built in app on the Onkyo received for listening to Spotify premium.  Now Spotify yanked it and I cannot find a suitable streaming unit the connects and still retains the hi bitrate that I had with my received and premium account. 


Why screw with a perfectly good thing!


Looked at a few that Sotify shows as avaiulable but seems that list isnt very updated as some are no longer available or dont with as a stand along streamer.  As I need to use the Onkyo app to control the stereo, now I need to use another secondary app to control spotify.  I tried to just use a tablet but the quality sucks.  My PC which has a HIFi DAC is many rooms away and cannot get any RCA connection from there.

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