New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


Hi Everyone

Dan here again from the Desktop team.  The latest version of the Desktop client (1.1.51) is rolling out now and contains a lot of changes, improvements and fixes.  Here’s a short highlight of some of the changes you may notice in the new version.


Playlist changes

  • The ‘duplicate tracks’ dialog now correctly shows when multiple duplicate tracks are added to a playlist
  • It is now possible to select multiple tracks and drag to library or add to library from the context menu
  • Added keyboard interactions to playlist menu in the left sidebar
  • Added sorting dropdown to all playlist pages
  • Improved drag and drop performance on playlists
  • Fix playlist not being played in the sorted or filtered order when playing from the header play button


  • Improved display of shortcuts on the Home page
  • Added listening history stats to user profile page
  • Improved restoration of correct scroll locations when moving back/forth
  • Added ability to select offline storage location from settings
  • Added ability to navigate to followers and following pages from the profile header

One  additional setting that I've seen some feedback on but unfortunately didn't make it in time for this release was the ability to change proxy settings.  This should be ready for 1.1.52.As always, please do ensure you’re fully updated and are running the latest version. We again thank you for the feedback provided.





Also experiencing the sorting issue which you marked as issue #3! I always keep my playlists sorted by most recently added so it's very annoying to have to click date added twice every time I open a playlist to get it to that order.

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Gig Goer
Agreed re. About, it really needs to be at the top of an artist page

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Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Hey @_40998nld-y5r,


Hmm, could you try to use 'Crtl/Cmd + C' to copy from a playlist and use 'Crtl/Cmd + V' to paste in another playlist? That should do the trick. 


Also, I'll pass your feedback about artist pages, 'Discovered on' and sorting in playlists on to the right folks. Thanks again for sharing that here.


Keep me in loop! Have a good one,


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Re: Feedback was wanted, feedback is being given.

@NickParrotte I agree with your thoughtful review 100%! Fingers crossed Spotify addresses these issues ASAP.

I also want to re-emphasize how ABSURD it is that this update was randomly pushed out to unsuspecting users. This needs to stop immediately! There is no reason not to give users the option when to upgrade or even an advanced warning that a MAJOR update is coming.

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Music Fan
Hi, I'm part of the test, and I'm really enjoying that! The UI is so modern and clean, exactly like the web player is! And now we have more features like Friend Activity, different from when Spotify rolled out that a/b test early this year without many Desktop features.

Keep up the good work team, I'm really enjoying the experience!

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Casual Listener

I'm missing the "duplicate track" feature on playlists.

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The ui looks are okay, but there are a lot of features im personally missing:
- Not more able to hit F2 to edit the name of an playlist

- I use spotify on my vertical monitor and im not able to see the Date Add anymore (on collaborize playlists) (as the width is too small) 
( i really dont care who added that playlist as its me 100% of the time, i just share it to someone else.. so please give me option to organize the tabs i see. I really prefer to see added at date!)


- the duplicate feature is not working at all, please add this gain!

- local songs decoded in aac still produce music glitches

- I personally dont care what number the song in my playlist has, as in the vertical mode id rather have that space used for something else

- Please give me the option to scale the left playlist explorer as big as i want, as its limited in vertical mode!


Local files stopped working entirely in newest version (Windows 10)


It looks like I was pushed to the new version and Local files stopped working entirely. Frankly I am a bit annoyed now because that feature has always felt buggy (as if you don't want us to use it) and the latest changes seem transparantly designed as nudges to get more people to give up on in. If that's the case, at least say so! Alternatively, if you intend this to be functionality that is actually useful, please don't keep breaking it. 😐


First, you removed their display in the library, which really feels like a senseless change just to annoy users of this feature.I had to go look in Settings and find a new options "Display Local files". How about you set this to on by default if you detect a local files db in the user's profile?


Second, they're not actually loaded anymore and renaming the folder, adding a new source, and all the other tricks that we had to regularly go through to keep local files working anyway don't seem to do anything now. 


Third, the screenshot shows the "Local files" tab as it is now, with an unhelpful message. I did add sources, I did turn on the feature (and is that a typo), I restarted Spotify — nothing. 


Help appreciated. It appears the local files feature is pretty much useless for me right now and I would very much like to go back to the prior version please.


Windows 10


Screenshot 2020-11-20 20.35.40.png

Re: Local files stopped working entirely in newest version (Windows 10)

Gig Goer

Thanks to @markyparky for posting, you CAN at least sort by Artist, albeit very unintuitive...

"If you click the button to sort by title three times then it will switch to sorting by artist.
Not very intuitive, but at least it's still possible!"

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


There is a whole lot of awful in this redesign, and a few things that I actually like or don't mind. 




  1. Not having Artist as it's own column that you can sort by. I know you can click Title three times but how unintuitive is that. No one will get that or know about it. And it doesn't solve the problem. 
  2. Moving the artist(s) underneath the track name in smaller text really degrades them and makes it difficult to see. Like it's some kind of footnote. 
  3. Only being able to search by going to the Search tab? VERY inconvenient and a bad design choice. Search should be available across the whole app no matter where you are. 
  4. No track popularity meter or stream count? That's a big omission for me. 
  5. Things are maybe one notch too large overall. Like we're zoomed in a step at default view. 

What I do like:


  1. The app feels snappier and more dynamic in general. 
  2. The friends activity feed seems more accurate, compact and in real-time. 
  3. The larger artwork is nice. 
  4. The feeling and spacing in general feel more modern.