New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


Hi Everyone

Dan here again from the Desktop team.  The latest version of the Desktop client (1.1.51) is rolling out now and contains a lot of changes, improvements and fixes.  Here’s a short highlight of some of the changes you may notice in the new version.


Playlist changes

  • The ‘duplicate tracks’ dialog now correctly shows when multiple duplicate tracks are added to a playlist
  • It is now possible to select multiple tracks and drag to library or add to library from the context menu
  • Added keyboard interactions to playlist menu in the left sidebar
  • Added sorting dropdown to all playlist pages
  • Improved drag and drop performance on playlists
  • Fix playlist not being played in the sorted or filtered order when playing from the header play button


  • Improved display of shortcuts on the Home page
  • Added listening history stats to user profile page
  • Improved restoration of correct scroll locations when moving back/forth
  • Added ability to select offline storage location from settings
  • Added ability to navigate to followers and following pages from the profile header

One  additional setting that I've seen some feedback on but unfortunately didn't make it in time for this release was the ability to change proxy settings.  This should be ready for 1.1.52.As always, please do ensure you’re fully updated and are running the latest version. We again thank you for the feedback provided.




Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Gig Goer

Just my opinion, the optimal sort would be by Artist, then Album release date, then finally by track number. Regardless, Spotify's customers should be given the OPTION to sort their playlists however it best suits said customer, not how Spotify deems the way things should be. It's this kind of attitude and way of doing things that forced me off of a Windows OS and onto a Linux platform. 

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Another change I've found is that you can't click the song's duration while it's playing at the bottom of the screen to switch between its length and how much time is left until the song ends. I usually have it on the time remaining option but that's not available anymore.

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


I think the new look is ok, I kinda like the new album art in the playlists, like it is on mobile. But I do think it makes it a little cluttered. My biggest issue is literally only that I can now not use my scroll wheel to change the volume slider when I hover over it. Other than that looks pretty slick.

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


Otherwise the UI update has been really good and successful but my user experience has been really really **bleep** over by the removal of the search. If I want to find a specific song or artist to listen to, I don't want to add an unnecessary step of clicking "Search" in the side bar.


In the mobile version this works because the search button is right where your thumb is located so it's easy to click it and go along with your day. I'd still rather have the search bar visible here as well for fast access.


I attached a picture of the front page and the search tab. Why can't the search bar just be there as usual?


Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!


UI: i don't like the new playlists design:

  • The playlist scale is too big (i want to see more songs without scrolling, like before) and i can't adjust it using the zoom feature because it applies to the whole app.
  • The name of the playlist is too big. 
  • The ❤ (like song) option moved, i want it like before, after the play button.
  • The Artist name moved under the song title, i want it like before.
  • The previous profile page was more minimalist (when it comes to playlists - it was much better without the ''SEE ALL'' option) and "following /followers" pages not on profile - just like before.
  • The Artist page look weird.

Also, there's a few downgrades like the control of the left sidebar, the search bar, the volume changing smoothness.



- Overall, i want this update to improve the old app with a few features (the song pictures, the addition of new songs on the top in playlists, some design elements) and not remove useful features.

Re: [Desktop] Lost Features, no friend tab, etc.

Casual Listener

Could you please comment on the inability for Spotify to include dislike buttons on daily mixes and such where they feed us songs we 'might' like?  I understand that this is a lost feature to Spotify.

This is the most annoying aspect to Spotify I have encountered after switching from another service. I find I am listening to songs I do not like way too often, I am afraid to listen to new music here, because then the algorithm thinks I like that band, just for giving it a chance, and it begins to feed me that band without being able to say no.


Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Casual Listener
Agree with this. Absolute nightmare. What if I want to play a single artist, all albums. Now impossible.

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Casual Listener

This is by far the worse update I've seen to Spotify. Usually don't have negative things to say, but this is so bad I had to post.


The removal of the full list of songs under an artist has caused the following:

> It's not impossible to, select an artist, hit play and list to their discography from start to finish.

> It's impossible to find a song if you don't know the name of the song or which album it's on.

> The list of related issues goes on and on..


The removal of the full list of songs under an artist is enough to make me swap streaming providers.


Reinstate this immediately please.

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!



Only 2 chief complaints (everything else is fine i guess):


  1. "add song to playlist" ADDS NEW SONG TO THE TOP instead of the bottom of any given personal playlist, unlike how it's always been (adding to the bottom).

This SERIOUSLY messes up my flow and the order of my playlists I've established being a long-time user. The update naturally wants to take my established order and just pile new song additions on top of it, making a kind of "3-1-2" order of songs (1 being the oldest; 3 the newest). Call it OCD but it bugs the **bleep** out of me to see my songs completely jumbled out of my custom-made order, particularly after spending so long organizing and crafting a timeline of sorts out of them. And also, I don't want to have to drag every new song down 200+ of my other songs EACH time I find a new one to add to the playlist.


     2.  I do miss the search bar being visible at all times (i.e. not having to click a side-tab for me to just be able to start typing).

Not a HUGE deal but it's still kind of inconvenient not having that search bar there at any given moment.



I don't mind these being options per say, but they should be exactly that. Perhaps a setting to turn each of these options on/off might be a fair compromise between introducing the new UI, while not kicking guys like me to the curb essentially. Everything else besides that, I don't have a problem with to be honest really (not yet at least lol).

Re: New Desktop Experience - your feedback wanted!

Gig Goer
  1. Start Radio
    Can't see the playlist by clicking on the current track/artwork. Is this an intentional change? I hope not... please restore the ability to see the created playlist. I want to view the results, not have to click Next, Next, Next through all the tracks to see what was put in the list. I consider this a serious issue / missing feature. *EDIT* I see I can view the upcoming tracks in the Queue but I prefer the playlist behaviour, because clicking tracks in the Queue modifies the list so this is still a missing/removed feature.

  2. Search Bar
    Why has this been moved into the sidebar? Put it back up the top.

  3. Delete key - songs
    The Delete button on keyboard no longer works for deleting tracks from a playlist... I have to right click > remove. This is slower and frustrating, restore the Delete key ability.

  4. Delete key - playlists
    I can't use the Delete key to delete playlists either?

  5. Order of songs added to playlist
    Added tracks go to the top instead of the bottom. Restore original behaviour, placing them at the bottom.

  6. Can't resize left sidebar width
    Unable to clearly see long playlist names.

  7. About info moved
    Artist 'about' info should be more prominent, move it back up top.

Update: 21/11/2020
The update coming on 30th November should address points #3, #4, and #5, but no mention of the others, nor the things others have raised. #1 is a huge change though. I use Spotify because the Discovery aspect is on point and this hinders it.


As others have said in this thread, please consider the opinions of your most loyal users. 


Also, please rethink this A/B testing without user opt-in. Microsoft run the Insider program, users opting in KNOW (sort of, without going into details) what they are getting into. Why don't we as Spotify users have the same opt-in option? Don't just lump us with something that doesn't have the same features as the version we had before, with no option to toggle between the 'legacy' and 'new/in-development' experience.