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New Spotify UI is terrible

New Spotify UI is terrible

The new Spotify UI is awful.  The change from stars to "your music" is weird.  If you're going to take away stars, then at least explain the new functions when you force roll onto subscribers.  Also, while you can drag/drop your starred playlist into the new "songs" list, I feel like that function should also copy your music into the "albums" and "artists" list.  Essentially, for me to get my catalog the way that you guys want it in the new "your music" setup, I'd have to go through and re-save everything that I've done.


In addition, the UI design itself is poor.  The font is too large, which makes you have scroll way too much.  I miss being able to see lots of songs on a single screen either when in my library or searching for music.  You should at least let users change the font size within the UI via their preferences or something.  The "file" text up top also seems to be dwarfed by the other text on the page.  First time I've ever seen anything that way, and I don't care for it.


I really dislike the new UI and admittedly, it makes me want to use other streaming services that are more user friendly.  I miss the old Spotify....

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smijo07 hits the nail on the head. I understand wanting to move forward with better features - innovation is great. I also see the benefits of the new Your Music setup over the old. However, many people used the stars system as a quick way to add songs to an overall "Music I like right now" mixtape. Now that's gone. The reason stars were better than playlists was the ease of clicking a star to add (or remove), as well as the appealing visual reminder. Now, the "starred" list is just another playlist buried on the left bar.


As for the UI, seriously what gives guys? Why force this oversized font onto us (for anyone without a Retina display or a 22" monitor, it just looks hideous taking up so much of the screen. A font size option at the very least would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it's a move to be more Windows 8 friendly, I don't know. But don't alienate your loyal subscribers to "try something new".


To make me (and probably a lot of other people) fall in love with Spotify all over again, I recommend bringing back (on some basic level) the stars, even if all it does is add/remove from starred playlist. I also really REALLY hope this font size / UI issue is reslolved. Spotify used to be so elegant, now it just looks bulky :[.



Lots of ppl agree with you and lots of ppl complained here in this forum but their posts (like mine) ended up like this


Censored by admins


"I'm trying to tidy up a bit so that posts not related to Black Spotify or Your Music don't get lost. I'm going to lock this thread and would ask you to continue discussion in one of the following threads. This will also make it easier for Spotify to follow your feedback. Thanks."


Fact is (for me) that if they dont change the UI or give the user the ability to adjust, I will pick another service.


@tzic Trying to keep feedback in relevant threads is hardly censorship. It makes the discussions easier to follow for everyone, makes it easier for spotify to monitor and provide feedback and it also makes it easier to spot and help posts from users who are having issues which can be fixed.


Censorship, in my dictionary, is altering or removing content, not trying to make things more orderly.

ok but what is the meaning of this sentence (your words)?


I'm trying to tidy up a bit so that posts not related to Black Spotify or Your Music don't get lost.



If everyone starts a new thread then everything rapidly scrolls off to the next page and so on. Isn't it better if your valuable feedback is in a few active threads at the top of the page?


you are probably right.

It happens sometimes 🙂


Are you going to shout at me if I lock this thread?

You should probably ask the topic starter ^^



I'm fine with merging the thread.  And to be clear, my feedback, while critical, is meant to be constructive.  I've been a long time Spotify supporter, but this latest rev. has me wondering what's going on.  Hoping they can get things sorted out.

It's really difficult to know/find what is the official threads on Spotify for different distinct issues. With the latest release issues it is even more apparent. When I first started to search a week ago I couldn't even find an official thread on latest update.


Interestingly, you see more users than ever making "first posts" on these issues or very rarely post until now.


I am amazed at how clueless Spotify seems to be about these issues. Or  they really just don't care about long time users.

Thanks. Feedback is essential. Give more. I'm just trying to keep some sort of order here before we all get overwhelmed 🙂

I'm going to lock this thread now and would ask you to continue discussion in one of the following main threads where any feedback from spotify will appear. Thank you.


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