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New Spotify update removed all songs but not playlists

New Spotify update removed all songs but not playlists

Hello, so recently Spotify decided to update on its own, it had been bothering me to update for quite a while. I am not big on many changes so I decided not to, but since I didn't really get a choice I let it update.


That was yesterday and everything was fine, today I opened Spotify and noticed that all of my songs disappeared. My playlists are still available, but I didn’t have all of my songs in playlists.


Is there a way to recover those songs? There are many songs I just loved to listen to but don’t remember their names/artists and I had almost 500 songs which for me is a lot.


Please help, Thank you.


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Hi there,

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You may try the recovery option via the link below. I'm not sure if it works though.


Have you already to tried to logout and login afterwards? Sometimes something simple as this already fixes the problem.


Otherwise, you may also try to fix it by reinstalling Spotify. To do that, please follow the steps in the link below:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

I followed the instructions and uninstalled spotify but now I can't reinstall it.

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