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Newer Music on playlist missing

Newer Music on playlist missing

I logged in this morning and all of the music I've added to my playlists since August of 2013 is missing. My account is due to renew in a few days and everything I've checked on my profile is correct. I don't have any way of recreating what I've downloaded as it's a large amount of songs. Any ideas?

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Hi. Are you saying that the playlists are all there but missing tracks or the playlists themselves are missing?



The playlists are definitely there, but tracks I've added after a certain date are missing.

Ok. Not sure how that happened but if you get in touch here, the spotify guys shoud be able to restore the missing tracks. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it to speed things along.

Thank you!


Appreciate the assist 🙂

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