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Newest Spotify update deleted local files?

Newest Spotify update deleted local files?







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue


New update, new issue! For the past several days (ever since the latest Spotify update), a huge chunk of my local files have been missing. I have changed absolutely nothing about my Spotify setup/location of files/etc. (the files themselves are still in the same folder they've always been in), so I can only assume this has to do with the update.


SOME (but not all) of my local files are now a) missing entirely from Spotify or b) grayed out.


Here's what I have already tried to address the issue:


  1. Turned off all local files in Spotify settings. Restarted and redirected to the appropriate file. Nothing changed.
  2. Uninstalled Spotify. Restarted computer. Reinstalled. Nothing changed.
  3. Closed Spotify. Deleted the local-files.bnk file in AppData --> Roaming --> Spotify --> Users --> User Account Name. Restarted Spotify. Nothing changed.
  4. Closed Spotify. Created a new folder. Put music files in it. Directed Spotify to the new folder. Nothing changed.
  5. Realized some of the files were m4a files, which Spotify doesn't support. (I've been able to play them for years with no trouble, but maybe something changed in the latest update.) Converted a sample m4a file to mp3. Put it in a new folder. Directed Spotify to said folder. File did not show up in Spotify.
  6. Double-checked file types on all local files and compared against which files show up in Spotify vs. which don't. File type does not affect whether something shows up in Spotify; both mp3s and m4as are missing.

At this point, I'm out of ideas. Anyone know of anything else I can try? Or do I have to assume that I can no longer play local files in Spotify?

3 Replies

I think that this is linked to what we are experiencing there 🙂 =>

You may find more info over there (or at least you'll be able to see that you're not alone :D)

Thank you so much for redirecting me to that thread! I had just hit on the idea that it might have to do with the file names, and it sounds like that's something other folks have experienced, too. It was tedious to go through and check/rename things, but I got it done, and now everything seems fine!

Hey there folks,


Just jumping in here to confirm that we're currently experiencing some issues involving local files that have special characters in their names.


If you're affected by this, we suggest heading over to the thread here that was shared by @caquisse and follow the instructions in the Status Update.


We hope everything will be back on track soon. If there's anything else you need help with in the meantime, just give us a shout 🙂

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