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No Bluetooth support


No Bluetooth support

Gig Goer
‎2017-02-17 04:46 PM

Spotify! Please please please add Bluetooth support. Life would be soooo much better if you did! Thanks for staying with me through that long message. Just needed to get that out of my system

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Re: No Bluetooth support

Top Star
‎2017-02-18 10:57 PM

Hey @_skyhawker_! Welcome to the community!

You can connect to your Bluetooth device on Windows and Spotify will just play on that device like every other program. Let me know if you need any help with that.

Take care! :)

Happy holidays! <3

Re: No Bluetooth support

Gig Goer
‎2017-02-25 05:31 PM

I don't have problems connecting or anything like that, but when i press the pause/play button on my Sony MDR-XB950BT it crashes my laptop. I was looking around the community the other day and aparrently some other people were having issues with the pause/play button either not doing anything or crashing their computers too. Is there a driver that i need to download or something? Or is it simply just a hardware issue?