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No Friends Feed, Discover Weekly, or Radio

No Friends Feed, Discover Weekly, or Radio







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Win 10


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For nearly two months, my Spotify hasn't show my friends feed. It just gives me the message "Hm, Friends Feed failed to load" and gives me a button to refresh, which doesn't work.


At around the same time I noticed this, my Discover Weekly mix vanished. Now none of the recommendations are anything similar to what I've been listening to. I previously asked about this on the community and was told that as long as I kept listening to Spotify, the Discover list would rebuild itself. Except that I never stopped listening and I have continued to listen; it's just that my previous listening history seems to have vanished and the service isn't rebuilding.


Finally, Spotify Radio is simply gone. I get an "Error - Failed to Load" screen when I click on it.


I have already attempted to completely uninstall and reinstall Spotify, and it didn't solve any of these problems. Likewise I've shut it down and restarted. Still nothing. Some people have suggested that I remove any apps or programs I may have to "modify" Spotify (I'm assuming they mean ad-block programs), but not only do I not have any such programs, I was completely unaware that they existed until someone suggested I remove them.


There are complaints about the same issues going back to March and the only response from Spotify is that they're looking into it. 


It ain't me, Spotify. It's you. 

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Hey @Bergamot, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!



You can keep yourself updated in this topic as the issue is under investigation and should be fixed soon.

Also, you can read this thread regarding your issue as it has helped many other users with the same problem 🙂


Hope it helps!




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