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No longer seeing Discover Weekly playlist

No longer seeing Discover Weekly playlist

Hi, when I go to Browse, Discover tab, I just see Release Rader in "Playlists Made Just For You" where I used to see both Discover and Release.  


I can get to it via the web link ( ) but I never see it in the usual places (Browse Overview and Browse Discover).


Any ideas?  I didn't unfollow it, and I play it once a week or so (it is getting updated, though it repeats songs more than I'd like), but it's getting a bit annoying that it's not showing up in the main screens (and Release Radar is, which isn't as good, frankly).


Suggestions appreciated.


Thanks, Michael

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Hi! 🙂


I suggest going to the web player for a moment (, under My Music are the playlists that you follow and have made. Open the Discover Weekly and try to re-follow it.
If that doesn't sort things out yet, I'd suggest you try to log out and back in, and then a reinstall, as a last resort. This link shows how to reinstall, if you need help there.


I hope you'll get your Discover Weekly back. Half of it is familiar artists and songs for me as well, but it has become a good part of the week... 😉

And just as crazily as it disappeared, it reappeared.  No explanation, no nothing.   Sigh.  At least it's back.

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