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Click on this link and it wil go back to the original spotify


Download the official full installer from this link. 


The link now points to the new version.  FYI.

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Sadly I have to agree.


The current "Your Music" stuff may be slightly OKish on mobile devices, but so are playlists.


At home, where I listen to Music most of the time (Many hours every day) the Library function was absolutely essential.

I have tens of thousands of songs in my library, both offline and online, and yes, i DO listen to ALL of them in a big shuffle, i've been listening this way for years and i liked that Spotify enabled me to simply add streaming media to it.

Now that function is essentially destroyed and replaced by some "Your Music" nonsense...


I had "MY Music" in check, for YEARS, that is  no longer the case.

If this does not get fixed (because this loss of functionality is clearly a bug, this simply cannot be a conscious decision...) within the next weeks i will unsubscribe and go back to building my library with offline files...

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I totally agree with everything said here.


A library that can bundle your local music with your online Spotify collection made this the ULTIMATE media player. Thankfully, I had a 'master' playlist already to make all my music available for offline. However, I don't get why I have to manually re-add these 5k songs to what is obviously the 'improved' version of the library. I mean, how hard can it be to automatically add the old library to the new songs when you do an update like this?


Also, while you're busy fixing this screw-up, I'd appreciate it if you would let me finally get rid of that empty right column that serves no function if you disable your social media/never turned it on in the first place.


Last but not least, after dragging everything from my master playlist over to songs, which is supposedly linked to artists/albums, I apparantly have 9 artists that produced over 5k tracks together. Seems legit.

Edit: oh, and what's up with not having an 'add to your music' option in the right-click menu? I don't always need to listen to a number before deciding to add it to my collection ('cause I already heard it elsewhere).

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    ChrisHis wrote:

Last but not least, after dragging everything from my master playlist over to songs, which is supposedly linked to artists/albums, I apparently have 9 artists that produced over 5k tracks together. Seems legit.

If you try to drag more than 542 tracks at once, it will not generate artists or albums and it will also not save across restarts.  Drag them in batches.  Known bug.

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Casual Listener

I miss the Library as well, but after spending some time with the "Your Music" I can see how this CAN make things cleaner and easier IF they add the ability to add local files.

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After being shocked to find that my Library is gone (after much squinting and neck craning to see the impossible grey type on a black background), I have now read through this thread and I must say, the removal of the Library functionality without a viable replacement is intolerable. 


If they changed the name of the Library to Your Songs, that's OK, but the fact is that Your Songs is EMPTY, and it sounds as if it's impossible to put local files into Your Songs.  


In my mind, the Library was the consolidated listing of all music, and playlists are a subset.  Why wouldn't everyone want a consolidated list?  If such a consolidated listing exists, please point me there.


I'm not ready to cancel my subscription today, but I have gone from being a very satisfied customer to being extremely disssatisfied, and I will be evaluating my alternatives in the coming days.


Hopefully this disaster will be rolled back very shortly.

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Music Fan

Here's a link to download the old version for MAC [Removed link]


Mod edit: removed link to download hosted externally. This is against our Community Guidelines and we don't recommend downloading Spotify from anywhere else than our site.

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I don't really understand the point of having a music program without a centralized library? I want to listen to my saved music as well as my local files at the same time. Go figure. 

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I just got the update (on my mac) and this is really annoying, so now i can't search my library/saved songs for a specific one, i've got 10000 songs to scroll through instead!


Also, only three artists have appeared in my "artists" section despite my attempting to save every song

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thank you for your reply but this is not at all the same


from what I see "Your Music" is only file you own (either you have the mp3 on your computer/device or you have purchased them through spotify)


Before library was listing all songs you wanted (at least for premium users) even the one which were just streamed and not part of any playlist, nor part of your starred collection....


is there any way to get the same functionnality now? is it only for premium users? is it entirely no longer possible...