No other devices showing in my Desktop app

No other devices showing in my Desktop app


Premium (Family)




Fujitsi Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

On the Desktop app, no devices show up and the desktop app does not show up in other devices. 

Funny thing: I can start the Web player on the same laptop using the same account and then manage to control the web player using my Android App.  In fact I can then have the web player (controlled from android) and the desktop app play different songs, both playing at the same time on the laptop.....



I have:

  1. reinstalled the Desktop app
  2. logged out, logged in a couple of times.
  3. Logged in using username (with and without capitals) or email address

Everything appears to work in the desktop app, my library, playlists etc all show up, but it is invisible to other Spotify apps.


Hope this can be resolved.



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