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No song is playing on desktop

No song is playing on desktop

If I start a playlist or song from the windows 10 desktop app, no song can't be played. It jumps from track to track without playing. If I start from android and hand over to the desktop ist works. Any ideas? Thanks...
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Still no solution or answer from Spotify? This makes me angry... 

The problem still exists: Playing from PC is impossible, from Smartphone it works.

All song are skipping...

Hi @masterofsound 

I'd recommend uninstalling your player and reinstalling it. Also restarting your PC. 


(This part is not by me but from @bittencourt ) In

Also Please try following these steps:


1. Press the windows key and type in Spotify (or you could probably just find it on your desktop - if so skip to step 3)

2. Right click on OPEN FILE LOCATION

3. RIGHT-click on the program and left click on PROPERTIES

4. A tab should open up titled SPOTIFY PROPERTIES, with six subtabs labled SECURITY, GENERAL, DETAILS and etc.

5. Select the COMPATIBILITY tab and highlighted in blue is a button labled RUN COMPATABILITY TROUBLESHOOTER.

6. The troubleshooter should run you through the rest! 

Did a new and clean install already. This happens from time to time, sometimes it works after logout and login again.


I can control other devices from the desktop  playing the same playlist the desktop is not able to play.

And I don't see any compatibility relations here. This is a windows 10 PC and a windows 10 store app.


It's seams to be a licence problem...


There seems to be some unstability in the desktop app lately and there are some workarounds working for some users. You can track them under the ongoing issues board. I believe they are gonna be fixed soon, please be patient 🙂

I wish you a nice day!

Hi @masterofsound

Try downloading the app from the website here. It should help. If it continues then try the steps in the above answer. 



I tried both version, Microsoft store and the download version direct from Spotify. Both shows the same error after some time, so still my guess that it is a licence problem.


Actually it's playing without problems... 

Alrighty, Then @masterofsound. Reach out if you have any more problems :D. 

Based on my experience so far: The problems will come back... until Spotiy will adress this issue 😉

Thank you for your time!

Just a little something I found while browsing through the posts. 

If the problem occurs again try this



Thanks. Because I create the host file on my own, there is nothing like that in it 🙂

And, as expected... today it won't work again.

This f*** me up 😞

Funfact: The webplayer in Chrome on the same pc with the same account is working...

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