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No sync between desktop and mobile app

No sync between desktop and mobile app




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Windows 10


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Hello, I've been experiencing an annoying issue for the last few days. It seems like the desktop app and the mobile app are not synced, when I play something from the desktop, my phone doesn't detect it and I can even play a different song from spotify mobile app at the same time. The weird thing is that the mobile app and the web app are synced, they work well, but the desktop app seems to be broken.
I try clearing cache, login out, messing with offline mode, reinstalling, rebooting the pc... Nothing worked so far.
I have the latest version of Spotify so I doubt the version could be an issue.

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Hi @Vasil


I do no have the option to go offline on the desktop app still so I cannot do this step. However, I did what you suggested on my phone and there is no difference as it doesn't sync with the desktop app but, everything else works like usual as it was before.


The issue is only with the desktop app.

Any updates on the matter?

Hey folks!

We appreciate all the provided details! 
This is still under investigation, but we do require some additional info:
@vinethan, we require the OS of your mobile device and the version of the Spotify mobile app;
@Uc, please let us know your desktop OS + Spotify version and your mobile device OS + mobile app version.

@Ladish_B, 'offline' is a Premium only feature. Could it be that you're using Spotify free by any chance :?
Also thanks for all the provided info !

We'll be on the lookout for your responses and will keep you posted as soon as anything new comes up.
Many thanks & cheers!


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I've had the exact same issue for months, the official app doesn't sync but the web app does, there's also no discord status.

I have a private network at home, no VPN's and the network works perfectly otherwise.


- Windows 10 Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043

AMD ryzen 5 2600, gtx 1660 super


- Samsung S20 FE Android 12


- Discord Stable 127135 


Hey @Nitrochu,


Thanks for your reply in this thread 🙂


We really appreciate the details you kindly sent us. Can you let us know the exact Spotify version you use in each device you mention?


On another note, just to confirm, is this happening with the desktop app and the web player? If you're not sure, please check and let us know how it goes. Open both the desktop app and the web player and check if it syncs. 

We'll keep an eye on your response! 

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Hello @CarlosE


The spotify desktop app im using is: Spotify for Windows


The mobile version is


To respond to your other note; it is only happening within the desktop app, it acts like a separate account even though I (obviously) use the same account, the last song I played isn't showed in the player and the devices I use aren't showing up etc.


-In the image attached below you see the web app showing 'spaceship' that's my mobile phone and a song playing that isn't synced with the desktop app (these screenshots were taken at the same moment)


Hey @Nitrochu,


Thanks for the reply and the details.


We really appreciate the time you took to send us those details. We'll pass this info to our team, they’ll continue investigating it. We hope to have updates soon.


If anything else comes up, the Community will always be here for you.

Take care!

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Sorry for the late reply, my PC is using Windows 11, spotify version


My Phone is using android 12 and the latest available version from the playstore

My Windows desktop pc and my partners Windows laptop does not connect with any of our other devices, including our Apple products, Denon AVR, Amazon Echo dot, and the Windows web version. It's, like someone else said, as if it's on a separate account. None of the things mentioned as possible solutions above works. I'm a professional myself and have been unable to solve the issue over half a year or so. Another thing not mentioned earlier is that the sync between Spotify and also breaks because of this. And the Windows desktop app does not ever remember what you have been listening to on any other device.

aynı problemi yaşıyorum. yukarıdaki her çözümü denedim işe yaramadı yardımcı olur musunuz?

Any updates?

I had this issue and have been having it recently, I'm using nordvpn. Never had issues before but suddenly they started, like my desktop app is completely disconnected from every kind of thing that requires syncing. Seemingly just on and off without any pattern, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Now I tried to just connect to another server in the VPN and then fully restarted spotify by using the task manager. Suddenly it can connect to my spotify connect devices and can see all the devices again... Well, something is wrong since this was never an issue before with the same vpn, but now I know the solution to the problem I am experiencing at least. Just thought I'd share it.

I've been having the same exact issue recently. 


I've been using Spotify for years and something like this has never happened before. everything was working fine until one day i noticed that i could play a song on my phone and a different song on my pc while they are logged into the same account. when I go to the webplayer it is synced with my phone but the desktop app is not for some reason. I haven't change any of my settings there are the same as before. I haven't installed anything different that could restrict this connection in any way, its just the PC desktop app version doesn't connect with any other version. I've been trying all the fixes listed for the past month and its still not working properly. 

Just had a fresh windows reinstall, and the issue is still here.
I have tried every solution people have suggested in this thread or other threads and nothing works, the Web Player is able to connect Phone and vice versa, but neither are able to connect to the Desktop App. It's so annoying having to use the Web Player since it has less features than the Desktop App. At this point I do not know what else to do, am I supposed to get a new PC? Even after fresh windows reinstall after formatting everything, the issue is still here.
I tried installing the app from the Microsoft Store, it didn't work, then I installed it from the Spotify website, still not working. 
I am just dumbfounded that a problem like this is so hard to fix or find a solution for. 
It's been too long already, please fix.

Just adding that I've been having this issue for a long time now too and I regularly come back to this thread for updates/fixes because nothing else I've tried works. Really hoping there is a fix soon. It is specifically my desktop PC spotify app that will notsync with anything else, my new laptop's spotify app connects just fine. 

Hey folks,


Thanks for your replies and for the info shared.


In this case, we'd like you to try the following:


  1. Open the Start menu on your computers.
  2. Put %AppData% in the search bar and then press Enter.
  3. The folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming should open by default.
  4. Delete the Spotify folder in there. 

Then, you'll have to switch to \AppData\Local and then to "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Spotify". You'll have to delete the Spotify folders from there too (if you find them). Once you've done that, install the app again and let us know how it goes.


If this doesn't do the trick, please, send us the following:


  1. Exact make/model and OS of your devices.
  2. Exact Spotify version you're running. 

We'll keep an eye on your responses.



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I don't have those folders in Roaming or Local and I'm pretty sure I've tried that method before anyways for a clean install and didn't work.

Spotify version: Spotify for Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 Home

10.0.19043 Build 19043




update fix doesnt work, ive tried it before and tried it again now. This is really stupid that a company like spotify cant fix an issue like this, I literally have to add songs to a garbage playlist just to listen to it and then delete it. 

Spotify for Windows

Custom built pc
Windows 10 Home: 21H2
OS build: 19044.1645
32GB 3000mhz ram ; 1080 8gb ; ryzen 7 2700x

i have the same issues and its been on going for months now, i have done everything that has been said and nothing has made it work 

Have they been any working solutions yet as I have been stuck like this for so long now, also today i found out that i can't listen to any music that's not from my playlist, and this is starting to get really infuriating as i haven't been able to work my Spotify for months now I'm starting to think are they any point me even paying for it its getting that annoying  

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