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No sync between desktop and mobile app

No sync between desktop and mobile app




Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hello, I've been experiencing an annoying issue for the last few days. It seems like the desktop app and the mobile app are not synced, when I play something from the desktop, my phone doesn't detect it and I can even play a different song from spotify mobile app at the same time. The weird thing is that the mobile app and the web app are synced, they work well, but the desktop app seems to be broken.
I try clearing cache, login out, messing with offline mode, reinstalling, rebooting the pc... Nothing worked so far.
I have the latest version of Spotify so I doubt the version could be an issue.

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Same problem here - clean install of Spotify on PC - Spotify for Windows  I can see the web player on my cell and play to it - but not my PC.  Im on a home network with no restrictions. Both machines are on the same network. Ive logged out and back twice on each device to rule that out too. 


The feature where you can switch between playing songs on two devices is not working for me. When songs are playing on my laptop, this activity is not showing up on my phone app and vice versa. The devices are also not appearing in the "connect to a device" option. I have deleted and reinstalled the app on both my laptop and phone and also ensured that the apps are up to date. Any leads on how to fix this will be appreciated! 

hi! my spotify app is doing the same thing. it syncs between the mobile and web version, but when it comes to the app, nothing. even the discord status doesn't show up. i've tried reinstalling, logging out, offline mode, almost everything, but nothing works. is there any solution for this? it's been like this for months.

Same issue, playlists added on desktop don't show in mobile app. Unable to fix! 

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