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No sync between desktop and mobile app

No sync between desktop and mobile app




Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hello, I've been experiencing an annoying issue for the last few days. It seems like the desktop app and the mobile app are not synced, when I play something from the desktop, my phone doesn't detect it and I can even play a different song from spotify mobile app at the same time. The weird thing is that the mobile app and the web app are synced, they work well, but the desktop app seems to be broken.
I try clearing cache, login out, messing with offline mode, reinstalling, rebooting the pc... Nothing worked so far.
I have the latest version of Spotify so I doubt the version could be an issue.

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I just got this same issue today!!! right after updating windows and spotify. I tried alll the steps above and nothing worked. After i uninstalled and reinstalled it worked fine until i closed and opened spotify so it's not a permanent solution. web player and phone are in sync meanwhile my desktop app sees no devices and plays different songs. I can't listen along with my friends on desktop and it's annoying this is the whole reason i got spotify premium in the first place 😞

Installing through Microsoft store seemed to fix my issue with desktop sync. The newest version on Spotify site seems to be broken where my pc doesn't show up in devices. Here is the broken version that wasn't working with clean installs:
Spotify for Windows


The microsoft store one was an older (more stable?) version:
Spotify for Windows







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I was wondering if you could help with an issue. I believe after a Windows update from a two days ago something happened to Spotify and recognizing the PC as a device. I use a Stream Deck which needs to recognize a device that Spotify is playing on and it will recognize my phone and the Web browser version but not the desktop app. Before the update it was working fine but since then it isn't recognizable. I've tested with my phone and now, even though it's the same account, I can independently play songs on my phone vs my PC desktop app and they won't recognize each other like they used too. I've tried re-installing the desktop app already and have logged in and out, among other things. Like I said, I'm pretty sure this problem is due to the recent Windows update and is affecting the updated PC. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Below I attached pictures of my mobile app and desktop app not recognizing each other but the browser version working as well as my Stream Deck recognizing the Browser and Mobile version but not my desktop app.

Desktop Pic.PNG
Phone Pic.jpg
Web Browser Pic.PNG

Having the same problem here.

I've scrolled through this thread encountering the same issue. I began running Bitdefender (the modern version) and when troubleshooting my PC actually crashed due to bitdefender detecting some sort of odd connection attempt when opening the browser media player. The issue persists even after completely wiping bitdefender from my PC. Would love to know of a solution to this very strange problem. Pretty embarassing that spotify builds their applications in a way that uses known malicious pathways.

I've tried this and it didn't resolve the issue for me unfortunately. For anyone else attempting this solution, be aware that this deletes all of your downloaded songs.

This solution worked for me too

@djean21 what solution worked for you because i just started having these issues today and nothing in the thread worked for me 

Hey all, I have this problem too, just started a few days ago - had updated Spotify a little a while ago.


I’ve just installed an older version of Spotify and everything now syncs up and I can control Spotify on my Desktop PC with my phone.


So, it’s 100% something wrong with the current release of Spotify, that aspect just breaks randomly and once it’s broken there is no way to repair it.


@Spotify - can you please look into this and via an update as I’m now having to sue an old, janky version of Spotify 😂

FYI - Version works!


I tried most of the 1.18 versions, no joy!

I will try this when I get home. If you can, can you please supply a link to Microsoft download? Thanks!

Heya, just Google older versions of Spotify.

So, the above version stopped working this morning and the issue came back.


I’ve  had to go to an even older version but it seems stable.

Hi thanks for the info! Is there any way you can link the version thats worked for you? I've been trying to fix this all day and I want to make sure i dont download a version form a sketchy website with malware

i am getting the same problem and its so annoying my pc app is not in sync with my phone and it works well with spotify web but the app on my pc is not working any help will be really appreciated

the only fix at the moment seems to be downloading an older version of the app from a third party website. i used the  uptodown website and installed which is a pretty old version but its working perfectly

I read the recent replies and downloaded a older version of spotify after removing the newer version I had, this worked for me I went back to version from Oct 15th 2021. A year of suffering is over but now I have to suffer with whatever crashes or bugs this version of spotify has.

Older version also worked for me.


Hopefully the staff will see this and solve the issue.

Having the same issue, I've done everything in the post and nothing worked...

Having the same problem, I tried everthing in the post and nothing worked...

nevermind the old app works correctly. hope the fix it soon...

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